Frequently Asked Questions

 Does eStone let me include multiple pricing options in one quote?
Yes. One quote can include up to 3 different prices depending on the options selected for each price. Each price can vary depending on the benchtop options selected such as stone material, edge profile, with or without waterfalls etc...


 Can eStone be customised to suit my business?
eStone was designed to meet the majority of stone benchtop manufacturers. However, in some cases, you might want to customise some aspects of eStone. This is absolutely possible. We'll be happy to offer free consultation on any customisation to best suit your business needs.


 We're currently using another software program that has our customer and invoice data. Can these data be transferred over to eStone?
Yes. To ensure a seamless transition, we do offer data migration over to eStone for a small fee.


What is the price of eStone?
There are 3 different versions of eStone: Basic, Standard and Professional. The Basic version costs only $990. Costs of other version depend on your requirement. Please contact us for a quote.


 What are the differences between the 3 versions of eStone?
Each version of eStone is designed for different business depending on the size and complexity of your operations. The Basic version allows you to create and send quotes as well as invoices. You can also process payments from your customers. The Standard version includes all options available in the Basic version. It also includes advanced invoicing management (send overdue reminders and notices), scheduling jobs or appointments (template collection, installations, or service appointments), production tracking(cutting, polishing, installation etc..). The Professional version includes all functions already mentioned. It also includes inventory control (of stone slabs and offcuts) as well as finance management (recording/reporting of income and expenses)


Do you provide free training on how to use eStone?
eStone was designed for people with limited computer skills so it's very user friendly. However to ensure eStone is used to its maximum potential, up to 2 hours of training can be provided for a small fee of $100.


How do you provide training?
We can log on to your system remotely and run training sessions remotely. We will provide more details after installation of eStone for your business. There will also be online training videos available for you to access 24/7.


Do you install eStone for us?
Yes. We can install eStone on your network/Computer for a small one-off fee of $100 per computer


Is there a limit on the number of users who can use eStone?
No. We can install eStone on all of your computers so you're only limited by the numbers of computers you have. This is provided your computers are connected to a network.


We hope the above FAQ provide you with the information you need. However, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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